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Focus Audit Tool is a result of our more than 25 years of experience on the market working with Clients and helping to satisfy their needs. It is a platform created by Skrivanek language school that allows you to assess language competence fully online from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day or night. By using our platform you will save time and minimize the costs needed to check the language skills of job candidates, employees, students or applicants.

Skrivanek is an translation agency and language school, with offices in 14 countries, known for the highest standards of work quality. Therefore, our highest priority is to translate this high quality into the Focus Audit Tool. We make every effort to ensure that our platform is intuitive, fast and easy to use. At the end of each audit we prepare an objective report, written by one of our auditors specializing in a given foreign language.

The principles of our work:


Focus is a platform of which first project was created in 2016 - since then we have carried out over 30 thousand audits under several hundred projects. Focus is currently improving the language verification of companies around the world.


We are constantly observing new trends and remain in close relations with our partners, thanks to which we regularly implement solutions that meet the needs of platform users.

Professionalism and commitment

Every Client and every project is extremely important to us. Every project on Focus platform have assigned an individual coordinator, thanks to which we can provide services at the highest level.

Quality guaranteed

Tests offered on our platform are prepared and checked by qualified language teachers.

Accreditations, certificates and licences granted to use are guarantee of high quality of service provided by Skrivanek:

The ISO 9001 standard helps ensure the high quality of business management and customer service. In our daily work, we focus on the needs of our Clients.

The ISO 14001 standard provides for the appropriate environmental performance, testifying to the responsibility and care for the environment inherent in our business.

The ISO 27001 standard certifies that information is managed in a properly secure way. We work with confidential documents and information on a daily basis.

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