nowe technologie w finansach publicznych


The first audits were known as ‘interrogation of accounts’ and go as far back as ancient Rome. Officials checked the content of documents created by others to prevent errors and thus loss of money. Auditing in a form resembling the current one has existed since the 19th century. Nowadays, its main task is to improve…

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Generation Z - how to recruit

Generation Z – how to recruit?

Young, educated, having the world at their feet, caring for ecology and the future of our planet, concerned with social affairs, wanting to grow and disliking idleness. They are often looking for permanent employment, having already gained experience and practical skills from doing internships, apprenticeships and side jobs. Having grown up surrounded by new technologies,…

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talent acquisition

How has the pandemic affected the fight for talent?

COVID-19 has brought a number of changes and opportunities that have accelerated the transformations already underway, including with reference to the digitisation of recruitment and talent management. It has also impacted both the supply and demand for talent, calling for greater flexibility in talent acquisition, management and retention. Employees have viewed the pandemic period as…

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language audit

Why invest in a language audit

Why invest in a language audit Today’s world is a global village. To a greater or lesser extent, a successful development of any company depends on the ability to communicate in many languages. The lack of communication between international teams, suppliers and customers may result in conflicts, and have a negative impact on financial results…

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