Meet our partner: Kemira Gdańsk Sp. z o.o.

Kemira is an international company and an industry leader, with a business centre in Gdańsk that reflects our multiculturalism. We are a group of open-minded individuals, curious of the world, from different countries and working in multiple foreign markets on a daily basis. In our operations we are guided by four key values, centred around…

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Latest globalisation-related trends in HR

Progressive globalisation drives HR to seek global solutions. The past decade has changed the HR world dramatically. HR agencies must continue to evolve, to move from interacting with their clients to becoming their business partner, one who competes and wins on the market. Even HR departments must adapt to business change and assist the company…

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New technologies in the recruitment process

Modern HR, or human resource management, has changed fundamentally over the past few years. More attention is being given to advanced software and applications aimed at increasing the efficiency of the recruitment process and improving the HR department operations. Find out how modern technologies support the employee recruitment process Tools, applications and new technologies today…

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