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I want to start using Focus. What to do?

We can start cooperation based on arrangements by e-mail, order form or a contract. The coordinator assigned to you will create an account for your project/projects as well as user accounts, and will assign tests that you can use. You will also receive a manual in which we have included all the information necessary to use Focus platform. Follow the instructions, and if you encounter any problems, contact the coordinator or write to our team at contact@focusaudits.eu

What is the Focus Audit Tool?

Focus is a modern online platform that support companies in verifying the language skills of candidates, employees, training participants and students. Companies receive objective and reliable feedback on the language proficiency of auditees, which are divided into particular language areas and competences.

What is a language audit?

Language audit involves assessing language competences in the areas of: knowledge of vocabulary and grammar structures, reading, writing and speaking.

What kind of tests does Focus platform offer?

The platform includes tests from more than 30 languages: short (grammar, vocabulary, reading), with writing and/or speaking, short with writing or speaking, recruitment audits and full audits. All tests might contain all or only chosen sections.

Do you offer only general tests or insdustry-specific tests as well?

We currently offer mainly general-business tests. However, it is possible to tailor the tests to your needs – e.g. in some sections use questions from general tests and in others from industry tests. It is also possible to create the entire test or individual sections and questions for a specific job.

In what languages are the tests available?

Tests are available from over 30 languages: Arabic, Bosnian, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.

What does it mean that audits are 100% online?

All of the possible sections of the audit can be completed fully online – even writing (answer must be written down on test page) and speaking (by listening to the questions and recordings answers for them). Such option eliminates the wait for a conversation with an auditor, so you get the results much faster.

What language skills can Focus verify?

Thanks to Focus, you can check language skills in grammar and vocabulary knowledge, reading, writing and speaking. Listening is tested indirectly during the speaking section – however, we can create a separate part that only checks this skill.

How do you verify language speaking skills?

The ability to speak a selected language is verified in the relevant test section. There are four forms of oral verification: online, phone call, Skype call and WhatsApp call. When choosing online verification, the audited person listens to the questions and records their answers using a tool build into the system. By choosing one of the other three options, the test taker establishes contact through the system with the auditor who will conduct a standardized interview.

How long does it take to complete audit?

Depending on the type of audit, usually it takes from 15 minutes to 1.5 hours.

How long before the results are given?

For tests involving only grammar, vocabulary and reading, the reports are ready immediately after the test. For tests including auditor reviewed sections (speaking and writing), the reports are created within 24 or 48 hours (reports in max. 24 hrs are available without listing the mistakes and for tests with speaking online).

What information is included in the report?

The report gives the overall results as well as those from each section, together with a detailed assessment of the language skills with the auditor’s comment and recommendations for further study. Click here to see a sample report.

Who are the Focus auditors?

Focus auditors are qualified lecturers with specialized language education and many years of experience in their profession.

Is Focus safe against cheating?

Yes, Focus has a range of protection systems to prevent cheating. Every question has a time limit to enter or choose an answer, thus minimising the risk of using additional support during the test. All the questions used in tests are selected in rotation. Also option to copy text or use build-in translator is blocked. Moreover, the writing section blocks the pasting of text into the answer field. As an online system, the test can also be taken under controlled conditions, such as at the company’s head office.

What is the CEFR scale?

The CEFR scale constitutes the European Framework of Reference for Languages, adopted by the Council of Europe. CEFR includes guidelines in the area of language proficiency and skills, which are divided between six levels. The primary division is given by the letters: A – basic, B – independent and C – proficient. Each of these is additionally divided into: 1 – lower and 2 – higher. The CEFR scale is used in the evaluation of tests taken on the Focus platform.

What do the levels mean, e.g. B2, C1?

These are the levels of foreign language proficiency according to the Council of Europe scale (CEFR). A1 – beginner; A2 – elementary; B1 – intermediate; B2 – upper intermediate; C1 – advanced.

Why don't you make an assessment at level C2?

Level C2 is actually a limit of language possibilities. However in practice even many native users of a given language never acquire such skills, while Level C1 is often compared to the level of an educated native speaker.

Is it possible to get demo test for free?

Yes, a free demo test can be taken. It includes 1-5 specially created sample questions in English from every available section. Report is not generated for such test – it is used to familiarize yourself with your tool and not to assess language proficiency. Complete the form to gain an access.

I verify candidates' language proficiency by myself during job interviews. Why do I need Focus?

Focus not only saves time, but also allows comprehensive and reliable checking of language skills in various areas, such as grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and speaking. The obtained reports allow for objective and easy comparison of many candidates at once. If you prefer to check candidates’ language knowledge during job interview, we encourage you to use our short tests with immediate results of the tests that also check writing skills.

I forgot my password to log in to the platform. What to do?

On the log in page click on “Forgot password?” and write down your e-mail – shortly after that you will receive link that will allow you to reset your password.

Can several of my employees use Focus?

Yes, it is possible – we even recommend this option if several employees will use Focus. We do not charge for user accounts. Additionally, we can create sub-accounts that allow you to control what each user can see.

Can my company work under several projects?

Of course – we can create many projects, and for each of them we can assign different, only chosen or all the users. The only requirement is that the projects have a different name. We do not charge any fees for creating multiple projects.

How can I add a test ticket?

There are two options for adding a test ticket – either by you or by a coordinator assigned to your project. Adding a test yourself is the faster choice, and is possible after logging into the client panel. In order for the coordinator to add a ticket, please provide the necessary data. If many tickets are to be added simultaneously, please contact the coordinator.

What is a test ticket?

Test ticket is a test (audit) assigned to an individual audited person. Each audit has individual ID and test link.

Do I have to send links to tests myself?

No, the test links may be sent automatically from the Focus platform immediately after adding test ticket or later on. If you want to send them by yourself – all you need to do is to uncheck the option of sending an e-mail with a test link while adding a test ticket and after it copy a test link or download many test links at once.

How much time can I set for test completion?

The time to take the test can be set freely. Our observations show that the most frequently chosen time range for the test is 3 to 7 days.

Can I control at what stage the audits are?

Focus allows full management of the test stages in real time – the statuses visible in the client panel are used for this purpose.

The time for doing the test expired, but the candidate did not complete the process. Can I extend the validation for test ticket?

Yes, absolutely. You can extend the time till test is active to by editing single test access or you can ask your coordinator to do it by sending the ID of test ticket and new deadline.

The person taking the test informed me of a technical problem. What should I do?

Please send the reported problem to the coordinator or to: contact@focusaudits.eu

The person taking the test had problems with completing one section. Is it possible to reset it?

Yes, absolutely, but we resolve this type of case individually. Please contact your company/project coordinator, who will provide you with the available solutions.

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