Mystery Shopper

How does “excellent language proficiency” translate into real-world interactions?
Enter the mystery shopper technique, a game-changer in uncovering true language fluency.

You strive to build a team with diverse talents, including language fluency. Paper tests and interview evaluations offer a glimpse, but true proficiency shines in real-world interactions. That’s where the mystery shopper technique takes centre stage, offering a unique way to assess the language skills of candidates and current employees. As language skills become increasingly important in a globalized world, this innovative approach can help ensure effective communication and bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

Imagine your ideal candidate for a bilingual position. Or you identified a team member with potential for international roles or client interactions. Their resume boasts language skills, but can they truly bridge the communication gap? Can they handle a demanding client call? Negotiate smoothly with a foreign partner? Navigate cultural nuances in conversation? That’s where the mystery shopper steps in. It’s a unique approach with intriguing possibilities:

We pose as a given person (e.g., client, partner, user of your product/service), engaging in a role-playing scenario, simulating a real interactions e.g., we can be a potential client, a person calling a help desk or reception, a businessperson negotiating a deal, a tourist seeking directions… or (almost) anyone else you want.
Focused on specific areas like fluency, pronunciation, grammar, and cultural awareness, that assess your candidate's ability to think on their feet and communicate effectively.
After the interaction, we provide detailed feedback: Is your candidate truly fluent? Can they adapt their communication style to different audiences? Do they possess the cultural sensitivity your role demands?

In today’s globalized world, effective communication is a key to success. By using mystery shoppers, you can unlock the true potential of your multilingual candidates and employees, and find the language gems that will truly shine in your organization.

  • Hire with confidence: know you’re getting a person whose language skills translate into real-world effectiveness.

  • Boost communication and collaboration: ensure seamless communication within your diverse team.

  • Reduce onboarding costs: hire candidates who can hit the ground running, ready to communicate effectively from day one.

Combining mystery shopper evaluations with other assessment methods, such us complex language audits, can create even more comprehensive picture of language skills.

Potential applications of mystery shopping as language verification:

  • Recruitment for multilingual roles: evaluating candidates for multilingual positions in various industries.

  • Hiring for multilingual teams: assess communication skills of international candidates in a practical setting.

  • Customer service: verifying the language skills, cultural understanding and communication effectiveness of customer service representatives.

Why mystery shopping works:

  • Forget standard tests: this is real-world language in action, revealing how your candidate handles pressure and unexpected situations.
  • Beyond rote memorization: it goes deeper, assessing their ability to problem-solve, build rapport, and navigate cultural nuances in conversation.
  • Unbiased evaluations: mystery shoppers provide objective feedback, free from personal biases or preconceived notions.
  • Flexibility: scenarios can be tailored to specific needs, assessing business communication and customer service interactions.
  • Global reach: this method transcends location barriers, enabling language verification from anywhere with an internet connection.

Benefits of using mystery shopper technique for language verification:

Authentic assessment:
unlike scripted tests, mystery shopping simulates real-life interactions, offering a more accurate picture of someone’s language abilities.
Focus on practical skills:
it goes beyond grammar and vocabulary, assessing the ability to communicate effectively in various situations.
Unbiased evaluation:
the mystery shopper acts as an objective observer, providing feedback free from personal biases or expectations.
Flexibility and customization:
scenarios can be tailored to specific industries, roles, and language requirements.
Multiple perspectives:
can provide a broader understanding of the provider’s strengths and weaknesses across different communication styles and accents.

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