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Tests on Focus platform can be done at any time and in any place convenient for you. We recommend completing them on your computer (using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox) but you can also do them on mobile devices. If your test have the part of speaking in online form, please take into account that it will be possible to perform it only on a computer or mobile device with Android system. You will find out about the possible ways of solving the speaking part on the instructions page for this section – if your device does not meet the requirements, you will be able to close the test and open it on a computer or mobile device with the recommended browser and/or operating system.

How does the audit look like on Focus platform?

Before the test

When access to the test is generated, you will receive an e-mail with a link to the test and information on technical requirements, the time needed to complete the test and the deadline.
After clicking the test link you will be redirected to the page with your test on Focus platform. Before you start the test, you will see instructions and guidelines on how to solve the test, as well as sections included in your audit.

During the test

Depending on the test you will have to complete up to 5 sections: grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking. The questions in each section are displayed in rotation and the number of them is depending on your level of advanced, analysed by the system in real time.
Each of the questions in the test has a time limit to give an answer – the clock indicating the remaining time is always located in the upper right corner of the test page.
If the test has a speaking section, you will be able to do it online by recording your answers on the platform, or by choosing one of the options to arrange a conversation with the auditor (available options are determined by company ordering your audit). Selecting the date and time of the conversation is done fully via the platform – you will receive confirmation of scheduled time via e-mail.

After the test

After the test you will receive an automatic e-mail confirming completing your test. If the company requesting your test has chosen to send the results report directly to you, you will also receive a message from the system containing the full report within 48 hours.

You can find more information in guidebook for auditee – Check


How can I prepare for the test?

We recommended to do the test on a computer using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox browser (make sure that you use the latest version). The test can also be taken on mobile devices, but if the test requires speaking online then a device running on Android is required. Check if the device you want to use has enough battery level or is connected to a power supply, and whether your Internet connection is stable. Find a quiet and comfortable place where you have the best conditions to take the test. You can find more information about how to take the test here.

Do I need to log in to the platform to complete the test?

No, you do not have to log in anywhere – just click on the link that you received in the e-mail.

Can I take the test on a mobile device?

Yes, our tests are compatible with mobile devices – excluding the speaking part in online form (recording answers during the test), this option is available only for devices with Android system. However, we recommend taking the test on a computer because it makes the task much easier.

Will I start the test right away by clicking on the link?

No. Clicking on the test link for the first time will display the instruction page which may also be preceded by welcome page. If you close the test on any of those pages, it will not be started – the next time you open the link, you will return to the instruction page. You start the test only when you click “START” (next displayed page will be instruction page for first section).

Can I take the test again using the same link?

No. Audit can be taken only once – after the test has been completed, it is impossible to take it again.

The test date has expired. Can I still take it?

No, it is impossible to take the test after the expiry date. You can contact the company that ordered your audit to check if prolonging deadline is possible.

I lost the link to my test. How can I get a new one?

Send an e-mail to: – we will send you the link again.

Is the number of questions I still have to answer visible during the test?

No – in sections: grammar, vocabulary and reading, the system analyses your level in real time and selects the quantity and level of questions you have to answer, which makes it impossible to determine in advance how many questions will be displayed. Only in speaking part you will have displayed the general number of questions and number of question you are currently answering.

Is there a time limit to give an answer?

Yes – it differs depending on the section and on the task complexity. On each question/task page, in the upper right corner, there is a clock indicating the time left to answer the question.

Why there is a time limit to answer each question instead to complete the full test?

There are several aspects that determine this. Most of our tests analyse the level of the audited person in real time so this is impossible to determine the number of questions in advance. In addition, the time allocated to each question allows you to better focus on a single issue, without worrying about the possible lack of the time at the end of the test and the inability to answer the remaining questions.

Can I modify my answers while taking the test?

Yes, as long as the time to give an answer has not expired. In speaking part simply record new answer – system will save the last recording for each question. If the time to give an answer has passed or you have proceeded to the next question, it is impossible to change your answer.

I run out of time but I managed to give an answer - would it be saved?

Yes. In a situation when the time has run out and you did not manage to click “Next”, the next page is automatically loaded and the answer is saved by the system. In the writing part, the answer is saved in real time, and in the speaking part it is the last recording you started.

There was a technical problem during the test. What should I do?

Please send the information to the address:, explaining as accurately as possible what happened along with any relevant information regarding the device, operating system, browser and its’ version that you use. If possible, make a print screen/photo of the error with the full screen visible. We will clarify the situation as quickly as possible.

I gave the preferred dates for conversation with the auditor but it turned out that I will be busy at the time. What to do?

Write to us as soon as possible to – we will help you determine a new, convenient date.

Auditor called me but I did not answer the call. What should I do?

Auditor always calls minimum 3 times with an interval of several minutes. If you do not answer the call, this fact is reported to the company ordering your test. You will be informed if the option to order a new contact was chosen or whether you have to complete the speaking section online (recording your answers).

Link to the test shows me log in page.

Most likely link was not copied properly – you do not have to log in anywhere to complete audit. Simply click on the link to the test to open it in default browser (if it’s Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox) or copy the link with right mouse button and choose option to copy link address, and then paste it to Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox web browser. If an invitation with a link to the test has not been sent from the platform, write to

Test is freezing, what should I do?

Make sure that your Internet connection is stable. If you use Wi-Fi, turn off or disconnect from it all other devices. Close any other applications and web pages. Do not click multiple times on “Next” when the page is loading. If you see right away that you have problems with loading, close the test and wait for the moment when the Internet is less busy or use a different connection.

Test is not opening properly or there are problems with loading.

Make sure that you are opening your test in newest version of Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox and that your Internet connection is stable. If you still have a problem – take a print screen/photo and send it to, give us also information regarding your operating system as well as name and version of web browser.

How to update the browser?

Information on how to update the browser can be found on dedicated help pages:
Chrome –
Edge –
Firefox –

How to change keyboard language?

Windows –
Android –
iPhone –