Code of Conduct


The principles of our business are responsibility, reliability and honesty. These are the basic values that allow us to be reliable employers, collaboration partners and representatives of our field.

We form long-term collaborations with employees and contractors (hereinafter “language specialists”), clients, suppliers and other collaboration partners. We continuously improve and develop our services in the field of language learning, auditing and translation, as well as other fields related to language acquisition and text creation. We know that our employees and language specialists are our biggest asset, which is why we ensure an open, honest and respectful work environment. Each company employee and language specialist is responsible for the reputation of the company and the prestige of the employer in the community.

The aim of this code of conduct is to clearly define the principles of our work and business ethics, which are the key of our operation. This code has been written so that our operation principles are equally known to both our language specialists and collaboration partners. The code of conduct does not encompass every single possible question that may arise. We trust that our employees and language specialists, representing the interests of Skrivanek, make decisions with regard to questions that have not been covered here, based on the requirements of the law and our three basic principles – responsibility, reliability and trust, as well as, in the case of unclear questions, turn to the management of Skrivanek in order to receive the necessary consultations.

The code of conduct concerns the management of the company, each employee and language specialist equally. The principles of this code of conduct are also observed in our daily business, collaborating with our clients, suppliers and partners.

1. We observe the legislation and behave with respect in regard to local cultural traditions

We conduct our business according to the local legislation, which stipulates the rules of business activity, honest commercial practice, labour law, data protection, labour safety standards, tax legislation and other aspects of business activity. We supply honest information on our financial activity, stand against corruption, hold the opinion that all unnecessary payments and gifts are unacceptable, and we stand for healthy competition.

Skrivanek puts effort into doing everything that is necessary to ensure that the company’s management, employees, language specialists and partners abide by these rules, standards and principles.

We also behave with respect towards the local cultural traditions, as well as observe them, unless they are in conflict with the legislation. In these cases the legislation comes first.

2. We work together

Our language specialists work for the interests of Skrivanek. Our work is judged by how responsible and mindful of high quality customer service our employees and language specialists are.

We encourage our employees and language specialists to speak their mind and defend their opinion. This is especially true when it comes to unfounded requirements or unacceptable actions by Skrivanek, their clients or collaboration partners. Employees and language specialists are encouraged to voice their suspicions or worries of possible malicious, unethical or otherwise unacceptable behaviour by reporting it to the management of Skrivanek, whose task it is to review them, and if necessary – investigate and perform the appropriate actions, regardless of who the involved persons might be.

We are proud of our work environment. We observe and promote the observation of human rights; we act with respect towards differing opinions, including opinions on religion, politics, ethnicity and gender equality. The fact that our employees are diverse, with different opinions and convictions helps us be a creative, successfully developing company. Any negative, aggressive or discriminatory attitude towards our employees, language specialists, clients and collaboration partners is unacceptable. The equality principle is observed when hiring employees and language specialists, developing and improving their skills, if their qualifications and quality of work corresponds to the set requirements.

We encourage our employees and language specialists to maintain an open dialogue when resolving issues, which require advice or support, as well as encourage them to voice any suggestions to improve our business activity, intercommunication and the quality of our services.

3. Quality of the services

We wish for our clients to trust us; this is why we continuously work on developing and improving ourselves, providing quality service and developing with the times. We have a responsibility when it comes to our clients, and we use quality management systems, which we regularly review and improve in accordance with the requirements of the language services field.

We do not mislead our clients regarding the services provided by us, and in cases of quality issues, we investigate and perform the necessary corrections. When facing a conflict of interest, employees and language specialists have to immediately inform the relevant project manager or the management of Skrivanek about the situation, which may impact the performance of the service. These cases are investigated by the management of Skrivanek as a priority, and the necessary actions are taken to protect the interests of the client and Skrivanek. It is also the duty of the language specialist to immediately inform the relevant project manager, if they are missing the necessary information or tools to ensure high quality and timely service. We also encourage our language specialists to openly state their ideas and suggestions on ensuring and improving service quality.

We base our service marketing and selling strategy on providing factual information. We do not use offensive or hateful communication in our advertisements.

We care about our clients, which is why we view positive reviews and recommendations by clients as our greatest moments of success. We ensure the principles of our clients’ data protection.

4. Confidentiality

Data and information security is a relevant issue. Skrivanek handles the information entrusted to the company by language specialists, clients and other collaboration partners prudently and responsibly, and observes the requirements set out in the legislation regarding data and information protection. Our employees and language specialists observe confidentiality with regard to any client documents and materials in cases where this information is not publicly available. Skrivanek does not store information that is not necessary for the company to complete an order. We maintain our internal accounting system and cyber security.

5. Collaboration with suppliers

Together we can accomplish more. Our collaboration with suppliers is a part of our long-term business development, which is why we choose them with great care, taking into account their reputation, responsible business activity and wish to maintain our collaboration in the future. We are open about the criteria for choosing our collaboration partners, and we are also ready to provide more information to those suppliers that have not met these criteria. We are also honest when it comes to cases of potential conflicts of interest, because they may become the reason for refusing collaboration.

Skrivanek makes all payments on the basis of payment order documents and behaves responsibly towards payments due to our collaboration partners.

We take all measures to ensure appropriate care regarding confidential information of our collaboration partners, which has been disclosed to the company as a result of collaboration, and we observe the confidentiality principles agreed upon by both parties.

6. Gifts and other additional compensation

The management and language specialists of Skrivanek may receive or give small symbolic gifts, if they are strictly relevant to the business interests of Skrivanek and do not overstep the norms set out by legislation. Participation in meals relating to business activities of Skrivanek or events relating to business development and maintenance, for example, conferences and seminars, is acceptable. The gifts cannot be monetary.

Our employees and language specialists do not accept invitations to expensive restaurants, entertainment venues, as well as other expensive gifts, including money or gift cards from collaboration partners during the time they represent the interests of Skrivanek. Expensive gifts must be immediately returned to the giver, explaining that they overstep the Skrivanek code of conduct. If the gift cannot be returned to the giver for any reason, it must be presented to the management of Skrivanek, which will use it for charity.

7. Use of company resources

Skrivanek language specialists use company resources, including intellectual property, for the benefit of the company, not for their personal interests. Careless, neglectful behaviour, waste of resources or theft directly influence the financial results of Skrivanek, and is not permitted, it can also be punished in accordance with the legislation.

8. Political and religious standpoint

We collaborate with state institutions, as well as the government, and we are representatives of our field, and as such, we participate in the discussion of community issues. Skrivanek does not support any political parties, politicians, political or religious movements, or organisations, financially or in any other way. Skrivanek observes and respects the personal choice of their employees and language specialists to voice their political or religious views and support them personally, as long as it is not done in the name of the company. The work environment and company resources cannot be used as a platform for personal support. When carrying out individual support, employees and language specialists must observe the procedure set out in the legislation. Actions, which can be viewed as unlawful, or result in the suspicion of corruption, are not permitted.

In turn, Skrivanek supports clear, professional and financially substantiated participation in charitable, cultural and other events. On the basis of any such support, regardless of its size, there must be a clear plan on how the company may develop in the long term by engaging in such collaboration, and whether this has a positive long-term effect on society.

9. Care for the environment

Skrivanek acts with respect to the environment. We consider each activity and how it impacts the environment, as well as how each employee and language specialist can have an impact on the responsible use of natural resources. We consider how materials can be re-used, sorted, recycled and disposed of in a responsible way. Each action, even a small one, helps to improve the situation, for example, turning off the lights before leaving the office.

10. Skrivanek leadership role

Only the managers of our company or persons authorised by them may officially represent the company in public media or events.

Skrivanek managers represent company interests and they have additional responsibility to be a model of ethical behaviour, as well as maintaining and supporting it in the company.

The role of our managers is to support employees and language specialists, providing answers to questions concerning ethics, and supporting honesty and trust. Skrivanek managers cannot, under any circumstances, give direct or indirect orders against the code of conduct, as well as cannot support the violation or neglect of the code of conduct. Our managers have the obligation to spend their time reviewing any issue concerning ethics, as well as explaining the code of conduct to new employees. The managers support ethical behaviour by employees and language specialists, and they are available in the case of any questions or issues to help provide answers and solutions.