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Language audit is an excellent tool for quick and reliable skill checking. It differs from the traditional test in that all key skills of the audited person are tested: knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, reading, writing and speaking. Each test covers all levels (from A1 to C1) which allows standardized assessment and easy comparison of language competences of many people.

Tests on Focus platform are in modular form, thanks to which you can adapt them to your needs, e.g. resign from some parts of the test or create tasks tailored to a specific job. An audit can also be prepared to verify key language competences necessary in a specific work environment (conducting business correspondence, commercial negotiations, ability to service clients in a foreign language), as well as knowledge of a specialized language (e.g. in the field of law, economics, telecommunication, marketing).

Focus also allows to minimize logistic problems – there is no need to organize meetings with the auditee, and the whole process can be done remotely. The results are available in the form of a readable report with auditor’s comments and recommendations for further learning.

Access the platform anytime & anywhere

Focus platform works 24/7 - you can use it on computers and mobile devices.

Use the platform individually or with a team

If your company is assessing language competences by several people, they can use the Focus platform simultaneously.

Manage what your employees can see

You can decide which accesses to tests can be seen by selected coordinators or recruiters.

Full control of the stages at which each test is

Thanks to the statuses visible in the system, you can easily check what is happening with each test access in real time.

Possibility of individual and group assessment

Having the results of the audit, you can assess not only a single person, but also a selected group or all audited using the summary report.

Manage language competences in the company

Based on the results of audits, Skrivanek language school can prepare a special language training program tailored to the needs of your company and its employees.

How does the audit look like on Focus platform?

Log in to the client panel and add access to tests – the link with access can be generated by your employee, which is by far the fastest option. Generating access to the test can also be commissioned to your coordinator from Skrivanek, who after receiving the worksheet with the necessary data, will add new access to the system. If you want to add multiple access to tests at once, you will need to complete a special worksheet.

Access to the tests can be sent to the audited people in two ways: the first is to automatically send an e-mail from the system with information about the test and an access link, the second option is to send links with access to the tests by your employee.

The test taker receives a welcome e-mail with basic information about the test. Instructions on how to run the test are also displayed on the platform before it starts.

During the test, the questions in each section are displayed rotatable depending on the level of the auditee, and each question has a time limit for entering answers. This minimizes the risk of using additional help during the test.

After completing the test, we receive automatic information that the test has been completed. In the case of tests that do not require auditor assessment (covering the sections: grammar, vocabulary, reading), the report is generated automatically after the completion. If the test contains any of the writing or speaking section, the waiting period for the report is max. 48 hours.

When the report is prepared (max. 24-48 hrs after completing the test), you will receive the relevant information from the system – this eliminates the need to manually check whether the assessment is ready and downloadable. The report can be downloaded either from the client panel or from the link in the e-mail.

If you have chosen to send the audit results to the audited person when adding access to the test, the report will also be sent automatically at this moment.

If you want to compare many results at the same time, all you have to do is to generate a summary report in the client panel. The report will contain all the key data from the report for the time period you selected.

To arrange language training based on the results obtained, contact the coordinator or Skrivanek language school.

With Focus you gain:

  • time and money savings,
  • professional tool for language skill verification,
  • access to tests from more than 30 languages

  • opportunity to adjust tests to one’s own needs,
  • results immediately after the test or within 24/48 hours

  • objective assessment compliant with the CEFR scale (A1-C1),
  • report including the auditor’s comment.
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